Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Best of How I Work

This blog now has over a hundred entries, and there won't be too many more. It's basically served the purpose I hoped it would, which is to capture the working processes I was customizing for myself, mostly derived from David Allen's Getting Things Done but also a few other sources (and also to serve as a kind of release valve so I didn't bore people with this stuff in conversation) The problems in my life that this level of tactic can solve are pretty much solved. Which I'm delighted about; it's a happy reason to be wrapping this up! So right here is the place to put links to the good stuff for anyone who might stumble upon this blog.

Some essentials of my personal system, things I've figured out that I make use of almost every single day:



And then some more posts I think are valuable:

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mpmi said...

Wow. I am amazed at all you have done. You should be very proud of yourself and yes I stumbled onto your site. This is a lot of helpful and useful information. I will read more because I wonder what inspired you to start this wonderful original blog. Also I agree that there is something about sleep that clears your mind. I realized this when I was a teenager and ashamed to say I had a hard time counting money and giving correct change. One night I was so stressed. I had a dream about counting money. The next day I was stress free and excellent at counting money. i even got a good job because of it:)

Well hopefully you will continue this post. If not you have such talent you should maybe start a new one. All the best in everything you do.