Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Never Wait

A condensed version of this article from a website about screenwriting,
and written by Terry Rossio (behind the scripts for movies such as Aladdin
and Pirates of the Carribbean).

You shouldn't wait.
Not for anything.
Commit these two words to heart, now:
Never wait.
Not only is life short, windows of opportunity are shorter.
What can you do about it?
Never wait.
Not only is life short, it's actually getting shorter.
Never wait.
Successful people don't wait. They don't get stalled on one step, one
issue, one project. They continuously go about the problem of creating
value. They're not interested in struggling and waiting, they're focused
on doing.

Waiting less isn't about becoming more intense, or rushed; it's about
finding an optimum flow. Look at the sky. That thing up there is a
continuously changing spectacular work of art, and it just doesn't get
enough attention. You're not waiting when you stop to smell the roses.

Waiting -- the innocent little sucker is a tiny little bundle of death.

Please don't be one of those writers who 'hope.'

Fuck hope.

I don't ever want to be a hopeful, I want to be a professional.

To have a career is like running a series of marathons end to end. You
can't thrill or despair every few yards; another few minutes and the
entire landscape will change completely, anyway.
Don't live on hope.
Hoping is way too much like waiting -- and you know the rule on that.

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