Friday, February 01, 2008

5 Things To Do When Starting a New Project

1 Make space for it. First clear your desk of other projects, by filing
away or dumping into your inbox. Then choose a name (or code name), very
important, and making a file folder for it (under Zillion Folder Filing).
Take out a blank piece of paper, the first piece of paper for the folder,
and use that for things 2-4.

2 Purpose. Write it down in about 1 sentence, why you're taking on this

3 Outcome visioning. Envision WILD SUCCESS for your project. Try to
imagine as many details of what that would look like as possible.

In case you need encouragement, Bill Drummond says:

"We all have the capacity for unlimited fantasy, it is the fuel of genius.
Do not be afraid to turn on the tap and let it flow. ... Fantasy can be a
dangerous area to delve into, an unreal place to escape into. Fantasy is
also the place where everything starts from. The place where a personality
can grow. ... Do not be afraid of your fantasies. Dive into them."

4 Subprojects. Break the project into subprojects that you can pursue and
finish independent of each other, as many as possible. Think of one
concrete, physical action, no matter how small, you can do towards each
one. If some of those subprojects look big and intimidating by themselves,
you might want to repeat these steps 1-5 for it.

5 I Have Decided. Write that as a heading, with lots of space underneath,
and quickly make and write down as many decisions as you can think of
about the project: when you want to finish it by, when and how you'll work
on it, what you *wont* do for it as well as what you will, even when and
how you'll make other decisions.

(This is basically David Allen's "natural planning", with a few tweaks of

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