Sunday, September 03, 2006

Can you call on doozer power?

The Doozers are a race of beings in Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock universe. They are green and about six inches tall, and wear little yellow hardhats. Unlike the Fraggles, who play all day, the doozers are seen labouring to build elaborate structures made out of glass sticks. They stay in the background of the show much of the time, so it's neat when you occasionally get a glimpse into their highly structured society. In one episode, we see the doozer community coming together for the ceremony wherein young doozers receive their helmets, initiating them into adulthood. It's also an occasion for reaffirming the basic values of doozer life. I think it's beautiful:
(I love the doozer moms in their working class sunday-best hats) The song they all sing takes the form of a call and answer, of all the things that a doozer does, and one verse goes:
Can you build a doozer tower? (Yes we really can)
Can you call on doozer power? (Yes we really can)
That part struck me when I heard it again recently, as I'm finishing my thesis. What is doozer power? I imagine it as an ability to work hard, but joyfully, and with purpose. To work as though that's what you were made to do. You just have to watch these cheerful little guys are, marching along with their work crews, or sitting in tiny construction equipment moving things into place with great satisfaction. Even though their constructions will quickly be eaten by fraggles ("Ah it does my heart good to see architecture being enjoyed" says one doozer watching a fraggle chow down) they take enormous pride in it.

Another great doozer song has the lines, "Every day the world is new, there's dreams to pay attention to, and building is the surest way we know (two three four)" Maybe "calling on doozer power" is what you do when you feel your will or inspiration flagging, to give you that extra juice, reminding you of what you're about: dreaming things up and then making them real by planning, cooperating, and building, constantly building.


Jim has a different, and as usual interesting take on doozer power: maybe it's the power of the doozer community, the aid that you can call upon if you really need it. That's an inspiring thought too.

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